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Blog: Welcome to Ang's Dark Closet

I found my way here through the recommendation of many folks at DeviantART who suggested this site as a tasteful place to post mature works. I admit, my main interest in joining is mainly spurred by the urge to share my work of a romantic nature which might not go over so well on the majority of art sites.  

That being said, if you're looking for my usual work and my most active gallery, best to find it over at my DeviantART gallery instead, as this one will mainly be dedicated to the more unseen art and writing that dare not see the light of day, and therefore at the whims of my free time to produce such works.

I have actually not drawn overmuch mature work, but have always wanted to push the boundaries of my content.  I'm gearing up for testing my limits and hope that you'll strap yourselves in and come along for the ride!

Bare with me as a get my sea legs in producing such work AND figuring out the nuts and bolts of this place Smile

For starters, how about suggesting some artists for me to look at? I'd love to see what's what around these parts!


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